Featured Garden

A traditional garden including oak pergola near Arundel

A room with a view,Hampton Court Flower show 2013 hard landscaping

A while ago I had the idea of somehow sculpting old oak sleepers into steps and furniture. I thought we might be able to cut some sort of shape with a chainsaw and sand it…..James then had a great idea of asking for help from a chainsaw sculptor. Thank god he did! I drew up my plans for the steps and a basic idea for the chairs,not really knowing what was possible. At our first meeting,when I saw what the woodland centerdid I quickly re designed the chairs making them much more sleek using a solid lump of wood,not sleepers joined together!
The real challenge was the screen. This was to be a ‘rebar curtain’opening on a curve opening revealing a view or closed to provide some shelter/ privacy. I drew a pretty picture and took it to the metal fabricators cleghorne and son for some construction advice…I hadn’t factored in the weight of 300 2m rebars,the technicalities of opening and closing on a curve or the actual mechanism. I just thought it would be a piece of cake…..Thank god for Russell who,over the course of a month worked it out and built it. Amazingly the winch worked perfectly all week and the gates performed perfectly!

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