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A traditional garden including oak pergola near Arundel

A Sussex garden 2 years after planting

Our clients contacted us the other day to let us know the lavenders and garden were looking great if we wanted to pop round. It is great to be able to re-visit gardens to see whether the planting has been successful,maybe make some alterations and of course photograph the garden. Looking around the lavenders looked spectacular! I think the hot dry summer has really helped them –I have seen other gardens where the colour and flowers were very impressive. The pergola is also settling down nicely. The oak has already weathered to a nice grey and the roses,clematis and wisteria are beginning to cover it. Of course given the dry the lawn was looking a bit brown but it will recover when we get some rain.
Unfortunately they have lost a few stipa gigantea and echinacea in the corner by the lower seating area. This apparently is down to the neighbouring horses eating them…!
We did make a few alterations last year. The stipa tennuissima had dominated the lavender bank,so we moved them to beneath the espalliered apple trees,and planted some more rosa the fairy and lavender on the bank. This has worked very well. The lavenders and roses work well together and contrast nicely with the hotter achillea and stipa bed opposite.
I cant wait to see the garden next year when the pergola should be fully covered with climbers…

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