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A traditional garden including oak pergola near Arundel

planting design surrey stage 3


we are nearing completion of planting over 1000 plants in this surrey garden. The garden is on heavy clay and has been totally regraded. To overcome the drainage and soil issues all the planting has been planted on shaped mounds with 300mm imported topsoil on all the beds. As they are now on slopes drainage . . . →Read More:planting design surrey stage 3

re-grading surrey garden stage 2


We are coming to the end of the 2nd stage of planting and landscaping in a large garden in surrey. We have completed a large amount of re-grading to achieve a flowing garden with dramatic level changes and undulating planting. One of the main features of the garden is a semi circular lawn raised above . . . →Read More:re-grading surrey garden stage 2

planting design surrey


Here are some pictures of some planting we did last year in surrey. We are now coming to the end of stage 2 which involved a lot of grading and level changes and planting over 1000 plants. The garden is surrounded by countryside on heavy clay. Our aim was for the garden to look like . . . →Read More:planting design surrey