Garden Portfolio Hampton Court 2012

Low Cost,High Impact Garden at Hampton Court 2012:"Summer in the Garden"
Low Cost,High Impact Garden at Hampton Court 2012:"Summer in the Garden".

We won a design competition to have our garden sponsored by the RHS at Hampton court flower show 2012. The garden was in the new category ‘Low Cost High Impact gardens’. The aim of this category was to showcase what could be done to a more ‘realistic’ budget compared to the very expensive show gardens.

‘Summer in the garden’ is 50m2 and aimed toward a young professional couple wishing to have a real outdoor ‘room’.

The paving is Yorkstone crazy paving. Yorkstone is normally very expensive,however laying irregular sized pieces is actually much more affordable. Yorkstone ages beautifully and is very durable.

The main focus of the garden is the tall outdoor chimney. This is clad in a concrete ‘stone effect’ cladding material which works really well with the paving. The fireplace allows the garden to be used long into the evening. (how quickly does it get cold in the uk when the sun goes down...)

One of the most striking features of the garden were the yellow walls. The colour was chosen to warm the garden up. The textural lines in the render add shadow detail which helps to soften the colour. The yellow was also picked out in the planting helping to sit the walls in the garden. The bright modern walls contrasted nicely with the more traditional paving and chimney.

The overhead reclaimed oak beams help to provide a sense of enclosure and if you grew climbers over them,privacy.

The planting was chosen for the low water requirements of the species. At the time of design we were in a drought,soon after the rain started and didn’t stop all through the show! I had said that the garden was imagined to be on the well drained soil of the south downs,so the planting will still be happy.

The final element and possibly the most popular during the show were the rocking chairs. We designed them to be made out of old pallets (we had a pile in our yard). It took me a day to dismantle the 20 pallets we used!

We ended up with a silver medal and lots of good feedback on what to do next time...!