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A traditional garden including oak pergola near Arundel

Wandsworth garden design and build progress

In spite of the appalling ‘spring’weather we have been experiencing,progress has been good in the garden. The fake lawn and white concrete edging has gone as has the small deck by the modern garden shed. We have added a new hardwood deck at the bottom of the garden that accesses both the shed and a small seating area. The sand from under the fake lawn has been dug in to the existing soil to improve drainage and a special shade tolerant turf laid. (the shade cast from the pear tree and neighbouring trees required this)
At either side of the garden two beautiful pots on hardwood plinths provide focal points amongst the box spheres. These will be uplit eventually.
The box balls provide the year round structure and dramatic forms within the planting. These will eventually contrast with the flowery planting to be planted in a few weeks when the weather warms up a bit!
The lawn has been edged with a metal edging. This will reduce the maintenance and help keep the shape over time.

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