Garden Design

arun landscapes garden design

Why employ a garden designer? A garden designer will provide ideas and information,advice and project management to help the process run smoothly. The survey and scale drawings allow the contractor to accurately cost to build your garden and the 3d visualisations can really help you to see what the garden will look like.The garden design process at arun landscapes is split into 6 stages:


Stage 1. Free initial consultation
We will come to your house to discuss your requirements. It is important to know what you are looking for and the size of your garden together with its situation and surroundings,before we can quote to do the survey and design. We will bring a portfolio of our work showing before and after pictures as well as a portfolio of different styles of gardens to help you to explain what you like and dislike. We will then be able to give you a price to design the garden as well as some basic time scales. We produce a written brief after this meeting allowing you to review what we talked about.

Stage 2. Survey
In order to design your garden accurately we need a base plan,to scale,showing the existing garden features. This would include existing paving,trees,walls and levels etc. That way we can quote accurately to remove any unwanted materials/ trees as well as producing a design that fits your garden and works with features you would like to remain. arun landscapes produce their own surveys except in the largest/ most complex gardens where we use the services of trusted survey specialists.

Hover your mouse over the survey on the left to see the survey enlarged


Stage 3. Concept design
We produce a base plan to scale showing you the layout of the garden including the main features. We also produce a 3d computer model that can be rotated allowing you to really see what the garden would look like. Sketches and images are also produced to help visualization of the design. The purpose of this meeting is get the garden layout to your liking before we look into too much detail into paving details/planting etc. We come and present this to you at your convenience and from this meeting we draw up the final master plan,taking into account any amendments to the garden design we discussed.We also provide an itemized quotation to build the garden at this stage so you know the cost of each element within the design

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Stage 4. Garden master plan and details.
The final design together with all construction details. This includes any lighting and irrigation plans and a complete fixed price quotation for all the hard landscaping. Again we come and present this to you and go through the plan and quote in detail. We can also provide samples of any and all materials. We will also talk about planting and we will have some ideas to form the basis of the planting design.


Stage 5. Planting plan
The final stage is to produce the planting plan. We source all the specimen trees ourselves and hand pick each tree/ large shrub to be sure of quality. We can arrange nursery visits for you too to select specimens with us if you would like. We have trusted growers and suppliers for all the planting and you can be assured of plant quality.

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Stage 6. Project management
The in house design team visit the site regularly and have great communication with the teams on site. They will arrange site visits to suit you and weekly meetings with the foreman will ensure the smooth running of the project from start to finish.